Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sprinting at the Olympics

Did you know that Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world? Here is my animation of sprinting at the Olympics.

Lose Olympics from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Olympic Alphabet key

Here is my example of a alphabet key all about the Olympics.

the Olympic torch

The torch is  silver. The layers are dark blue, light blue, dark green  and  squiggly  lines too. There is  a  word that says Rio  2016. They go around  Brazil,
Running all the way to the Olympic stadium.  It has  the Rio Olympic


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Similies: Suzie and the Space Nuts

We are learning about Similies after reading Suzie and the Space Nuts. 

  1. Gort is as worried as a kid at a frist day of  school

  1. Freeble is like a child  that not set  properly on a chair  or something else

  1. Gort is as tired like a   working man .

  1. Freeble is as hungry as a starving dog.

  1. Freeble is excited like Gort getting a surprise present.

PES Fia Fia Night

Did you know that on Thursday the 7th of April we had a fiafia at night.
And I was in samoan group with my Two sisters and My favourite culture Group Is Tongan, and Circus circus, and niuen Group.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

paul martin

On wednesday the 22th of june. Paul Martin the author came to PT England school   year 6 and year 5 they were wearing mufti chloths but first  they payed a one  dollar coin or two dollar coin.
Paul martin showed us  kory  the kiwi stories.  he does  many of books  he showed his art and the picture of him and his brother reading books . my favourite part was how he was a artest man in the world  he was  drawing a man runing on a racing track and he is getting and the man is getting swetty  On his face.
When he came to our space I looked  surprised  and   I was so shy.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Superman is the most powerful being on planet Earth, an alien immigrant named Kal-El from the planet Krypton, who was raised in Smallville, Kansas, to become an American superhero. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his incredible strength, speed, flight and various other superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent. In his civilian identity he is Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. He is a founding member of the Justice League of America and a charter member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Mrs. Moala read us a story and we had to type what we heard.  I need to be sure to pay better attention when we do our assignments.  This is the paragraph that I was supposed to write.

Wam! The door slams behind me as I fall into the house .
The wooshing of the wind can be heard through the wall ,
Clink! Clink! Clink! Haill begins to fall against the windows
Making my head spin. If only I wasn’t  home alone ,
Crash!” Hello is anyone there” I  call into the darkness.
When all of sudden, mum’s spotted cat comes tearing
Across the kitchen floor into my arms. Purr. purr.
I’m glad someone is home to great me.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

HOOKS in Narrative Writing

In writing we are learning about hooks.  I used a sound effect.

GRRRRRRRR!”  There are two volcanos in the Pacific Ocean smiling at each other.  One is a man and the other is a lady.