Thursday, 7 July 2016

Similies: Suzie and the Space Nuts

We are learning about Similies after reading Suzie and the Space Nuts. 

  1. Gort is as worried as a kid at a frist day of  school

  1. Freeble is like a child  that not set  properly on a chair  or something else

  1. Gort is as tired like a   working man .

  1. Freeble is as hungry as a starving dog.

  1. Freeble is excited like Gort getting a surprise present.

PES Fia Fia Night

Did you know that on Thursday the 7th of April we had a fiafia at night.
And I was in samoan group with my Two sisters and My favourite culture Group Is Tongan, and Circus circus, and niuen Group.